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The Whole Enchilada Trail System – Burro Pass, Hazard County, Kokopelli or Jimmy Keen Flat, UPS, LPS, to Porcupine Rim.


A world class ride and a Moab must do for the avid rider.  This ride starts at the top of Geyser Pass and climbs up to the top of Burro Pass at 11,150 at the tree line.  Then descends down through the alpine to the aspens at Hazard County Trail.  Following the aspens down Hazard, you then come to your first option of Kokopelli or the Jimmy Keen Flat single track down to the start of UPS.  Please note that Jimmy Keen Flat adds miles and time to the already lengthy and demanding W.E.   Both lead you down through the Scrub Oak and Juniper to the the start of UPS and the famous view of Castle Valley.  Descending down winding single track and rock sections along the rim to LPS and then to the Castle Valley Overlook on Porcupine Rim.  Finishing with classic desert riding down the famous Porcupine Rim Trail down to the mighty Colorado River.  Although it is approximately a 7000 foot descent, it is a technical and demanding ride even for the experienced rider.

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Bull Run, Getaway, Arth’s Corner, Great Escape, Little canyon, Gemini Bridges Rd. to HWY 191 or Goldbar Singletrack to Portal.

Magnificent 7, Moab

A classic desert ride with some of the most spectacular views in the area.  Whether you have already ridden the Whole Enchilada and are looking for another epic or you are looking for something more intermediate, Magnificent 7 is what your looking for.  It is the same concept of getting dropped off at the top and descending back towards town.  This ride can be a good half day intermediate ride to an epic technical day.  Red rock mixed with dirt sections twisting through the juniper.  Mag.7 will surely not disappoint.

*Porcupine Shuttle offers complimentary vehicle staging assistance for this trail.

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Bar M, Circle O, Rockin A, Bar B, Killer B, Lazy EZ loop, Deadman’s Ridge, Rusty Spur, Longbranch, North 40, Maverick, Sidewinder Bar M    

brandtrailsA network of shorter trails ranging from beginner to advanced as short or as long as you want.  Winding, rollercoaster like single track and jeep road with views of the mighty La Sal Mountains and Arches National Park.

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Porcupine Rim is the ending trail of the Whole Enchilada Trail System. It alone, used to be one of the classic desert rides for Moab, but now has been upgraded to the Whole Enchilada Trail System. By starting higher up, you might be adding mileage to the original trail, but they are mainly fun descents with views that are sure to please!

*Please note – shuttles will run to the highest trailhead possible of the Whole Enchilada and we do not pass by other trailheads along the way.  Please submit a request form if you are looking for a specific trailhead or Porcupine Rim only.


The Slickrock Trail is a classic for Moab.  This ride can be fun, fast and flowing, but also relentless with its steep climbs and descents.  Take in the views and experience the traction of the sandstone.  Although Slickrock is done as a loop or out and back, if you are planning on pedaling from town, Porcupine Shuttle can save you time and a climb to get there.

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Moab Canyon Pathway is not just a bike lane along side of the highway, it is a safe and scenic way for all to take in the views.  Not only bike riders will love this trail, but also hikers, runners, and non-motorized vehicles of all sorts. Parents can pull their babies behind their bikes in trailers and all ages can enjoy the pathway, even if it is just for a leisurely stroll. Take the shuttle to the top and descend approximately 9 miles back to town.

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