Whole Enchilada Trail Shuttle

Moab, Utah

We bring you to the top, you have the experience of your life on the way down.

Whole Enchilada Trail, Moab

The Whole Enchilada Trail System – Burro Pass, Hazard County, Kokopelli or Jimmy Keen Flat, UPS, LPS, to Porcupine Rim.

A world-class ride and a Moab must do for the avid rider.  This ride starts at the top of Geyser Pass and climbs up to the top of Burro Pass at 11,150 at the tree line.  Then descends down through the alpine to the aspens at Hazard County Trail.  Following the aspens down Hazard, you then come to your first option of Kokopelli or the Jimmy Keen Flat single track down to the start of UPS.  Please note that Jimmy Keen Flat adds miles and time to the already lengthy and demanding W.E.   Both lead you down through the Scrub Oak and Juniper to the the start of UPS and the famous view of Castle Valley.  Descending down winding single track and rock sections along the rim to LPS and then to the Castle Valley Overlook on Porcupine Rim.  Finishing with classic desert riding down the famous Porcupine Rim Trail down to the mighty Colorado River.  Although it is approximately a 7000 foot descent, it is a technical and demanding ride even for the experienced rider.

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