Whole Enchilada Trail Shuttle

Moab, Utah

We bring you to the top, you have the experience of your life on the way down.

Whole Enchilada Trail, Moab

The Whole Enchilada Trail System – Burro Pass, Hazard County, Kokopelli or Jimmy Keen Flat, UPS, LPS and Porcupine Rim​

The Whole Enchilada is a world-class trail and a must-do for the avid rider! 

Starting at Geyser Pass, riders climb above tree line to the top of Burro Pass at 11,150 feet before descending through the aspens to Hazard County. After the single-track of Hazard County, riders can either follow the traditional route on the Kokopelli section or add 4.5 winding miles through scrub oak via the Jimmy Keen extension.
Either way, UPS with its incredible views of Castle Valley is next! After this section of quintessential Moab terrain, the classic route is continuing onto LPS and the Porcupine Rim to the Colorado River before heading back into town on the paved bike path. 
Instead of LPS, the new Raptor Route can be taken starting at Eagle Eye for riders seeking something less technically demanding than the Rim. 
The Whole Enchilada is a 7,000-foot descent and is a long and challenging day for even the experienced rider.

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